Insurance Billing & Credentialing 

An Extension of Your Office

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Don't lose money on unpaid claims, untimely filing rules, or non-certified staff. 

Our team members are trained in dealing with insurance companies. We will collect every penny owed to you.

Provider Credentialing

  • We handle initial provider enrollments, renewals, and re-attestations.  


  • We audit claims to make sure they are not over or under coded.

  • We make sure coding is compliant with guidelines, rules, and regulations.

Claim Submission

  • Scrub claims prior to submission.

  • Analyze denials to correct issues and train your staff, if necessary. 

  • Submit electronic and paper claims.

Payment Posting

  • Posted within 48 hours of receipt of EOB. 

AR Clean Up

  • This is an add-on feature billed at an hourly rate of $25 per hour. 

Comprehensive Reports

  • We will supply the necessary reports to help you make sound financial decisions. 

We promise to not overwhelm you with calls and emails. 
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95% Claim Submission Approval

0% Insurance Receivables after 90 days

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